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Artist Spotlight

Ida Tolou

Growing up in a small town of 70,000 people in Northern Norway, Ida Tolou’s musical journey began. From the first moment she sang on stage, the 7-year old Ida knew she wanted to create music. She then went on to sing in her local church, where she immersed herself in the world of performance, connecting with her community through her soulful voice. With the release of her debut single and music video for “Stay Away”, Ida is ready to share her passion with the world, making a name for herself as a singer and songwriter.

Meet Ida Tolou

Jeremy Torres

This soon to be rockstar is looking to accomplish some mighty big feats as he sets his goals on hitting the billboard charts, joining a world wide tour, movie sync opportunities with his music and wanting to help people by bringing love, light, positivity and wisdom to the people of his native Puerto Rico and worldwide. He signed to Starblaze Management earlier this year and with the intent to sign under Heads Music, the sky’s the limit for this international rockstar and it will not be long before you hear his work playing on all platforms.

Meet Jeremy Torres

Hannah Eggen

Hannah has traveled the world as a lead dancer, choreographer, and stage movement coach, while also growing her career as an artist. Taking a page out of the old school method of musical training, Hannah has worked to hone her talent through artist development, working with renowned vocal coaches such as Craig Derry and Karen Anderson, and collaborated with global stars, Carlos Santana and Wyclef Jean..

Meet Hannah Eggen


"Amra means Princess in Arabic. I felt that was the perfect name for me because, despite those unfortunate events I lived through, it didn’t take away from the fact that I am royalty, I am special, I am beautiful. That is the kind of confidence I want to exude in others. Your past doesn’t make you."
- Jazzy Amra

Meet Jazzy Amra

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