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Wyclef Jean: ‘Changing the world and having sex – I believe in both’

By September 20, 2017 No Comments

Hello Wyclef! Where are you and what’s happening? Right now I’m in Jersey (1). After this interview I’ll hit the track and do a nice run with my daughter and wife. In high school, my wife was a track star so she keeps me forever slim jim!

Your album The Carnival came out in 1997 and Carnival Vol II appeared in 2007. Now here we are with The Carnival Vol III in 2017. Will there be another in 10 years?

Yeah, you already know it! Every 10, you get a Carnival!

Can the Guardian run an exclusive about your summer 2027 release?

Of course! You can announce it now: The Return of the Perfect Gentleman. That’s the working title.

Read the full interview here: THEGUARDIAN.COM