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Madeline Nelson

Founder and CEO, Heads Music



Heads Music™ established in 2012, is a woman-founded and led indie label. The mission of Heads Music, as set forth by it’s CEO, Madeline Nelson, is to support and nurture young talent. Heads Music label and management welcomes artists who want to play an integral role in every step of their release process, from marketing to promotion and sales.

Modeled with Berry Gordy’s Motown Records in mind, Heads operates in true partnership with its artists through genuine artist development to hone talent and build industry longevity. Heads Music continues to develop and build an impeccable roster of diverse artists, producers and writers, including global artist and producer Wyclef Jean, and bilingual R&B singer Jazzy Amra.

The Team




A&R Admin


Artist Development and Creative


Tour and Events Production


Social Strategy

We have the freedom to work with whomever we like.

True Independent Spirit

At Heads Music, we don’t believe in sacrificing our artist’s vision in favor of seeking out chart success. When an artist signs with us, it is because we are a big fan of their music. That means that we’ll be working extra hard for their success because we believe in what they’re doing. We know if we do our jobs well the chart success will come.

There is one idea we will never abandon. We believe that genuine artist development is essential. We know there is no such thing as overnight success. Even if an artist is a YouTube sensation, an Instagram phenom, or a Twitter superstar, there is always still a need for true artist development.

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