Heads Music

Our Story

Madeline Nelson

Founder and CEO, Heads Music

Current Board Positions

Bquate – Partner / Executive Advisory Board

A2IM: Black Independent Music Accelerator – Advisory Counsel

Triller – Advisory Board Member

Woman-founded. Woman-led.

Madeline Nelson is an Emmy-nominated producer and Grammy Award winning Artist Manager, who currently serves as the Head of Independent Label Relations at Amazon Music. Nelson is also the founder of Heads Music, a boutique music management company, and co-founder with Wyclef Jean, of SodoMoodLab, a scoring and jingle company. 

Heads Music is led and staffed entirely by women, a reflection of Nelson’s dedication to making sure that women have a voice within the music industry. Additionally, Madeline’s dedication to advocating for artists has been exemplified by her time spent on the board of A2IM as well as the advisory boards for The Black Independent Music Accelerator and advisory board of Triller. 

Madeline has been instrumental in the shaping of entertainment and music culture behind the scenes in her roles as producer, executive, artist manager, and trusted advisor for over three decades. Her repertoire ranges from her work as manager of Grammy Award winning R&B supergroup Blackstreet in the 1990s, to her A&R work with Michael Jackson, followed by her role as SVP of Artist and Label Relations at Sony Music, and now, her current role at Amazon Music as well as management of Wyclef Jean.

We have the freedom to work with whomever we like.

True Independent Spirit

Heads Music is an independent, boutique-style music company based in New York, New York, founded and staffed by women. Our services are focused within management, and publishing, in addition to tour production and brand strategy. One of our main clients is global artist and producer Wyclef Jean, who we represent for management as well as jointly owning masters. Within management, we represent artist and producer Price, musician and designer Rose Riley, musician Jemere Morgan, and upcoming singer and songwriter Ida Tolou.

At Heads Music, we don’t believe in sacrificing our artist’s vision in favor of chasing chart success. When an artist signs with us, it is because we are a big fan of their music. There is no such thing as overnight success, even if an artist is a YouTube sensation, Instagram phenom, or a Twitter superstar. We believe genuine artist development is essential, which we thoroughly work with our artists to achieve. That means we’ll be working extra hard for their success because we believe in their vision. We know that if we do our jobs well the chart success will come.