C.A.M.P (Calling All My People) who was born Christopher Lister on the southside of Longview, Texas, is a rapper/singer/songwriter/musician who stands head and shoulders (and locks) above his peer group of today’s hottest young stars.  C.A.M.P wasn’t always a musician, his first passion was sports, becoming a star in basketball and then football.  His creative juices eventually led him to the visual arts and ultimately led him to begin writing, performing, and recording songs. Ultimately C.A.M.P’s vision and originality led to the release of his first breakout hit Bloody Mary in 2018. In 2020, C.A.M.P was signed to multi platinum Grammy hitmaker, Jerry Wonda and his Wonda Music label. In summer of 2021, C.A.M.P’s newest release Blue Hearts is in collaboration with Cokah, produced by Jerry Wonda and Benny Wond3r, and will feature Wyclef Jean in the music video.

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