I am

H1 Da Hook.

I am H1 DA Hook, a dream chasing, risk taker from the inner-city streets of Milwaukee. Milwaukee is a small city with big city ambitions, located in Wisconsin where the black ethnicity is under populated, but profoundly influential. Being the oldest son, and raised by a strong, single, black mother with three brothers and two sisters, I felt a sense of pressure to be a provider at an early age. Even with a spiritual background and growing up in the church, the streets found a place on my plate. The street life is cold but fair. When I lost my father to the streets at ten years old, my mom taught me that there is a better life ahead. However, hard times and lack of resources pulled me into the street life. Basketball and music were always the love of my life. Due to the streets, basketball became more of a hobby than a future, even though I was a highly recruited high school player. The fast life, money, cars, clubs and women became my focus, at the expense of me losing sight of my purpose and religious beliefs at times. Losing my best friend when I was 20 years old gave me an epiphany that life is short. Since music was a passion that he and I shared, I felt obligated to live out his dream through me. I always had the talent, coming from a family of singers and my father being a music producer — even sang in the church choir as a child.

Finding out my mom had bone cancer sent me back to my roots, asking God to lead me to where I’m destined to be — which was the studio with my childhood friend and neighbor Branden Washington AKA WavieBoi. He promised me that if we put in the work, our talent would take us far, and I trusted him on that. Now as I ride the wave with him and my label mate, with God on our side, it is only an endless sky ahead. With a team of talented producers, artists, and writers, I have found my home and calling. Take this journey with me as I show you that dreams can come true and risks are rewarded. Let my music influence you as you hear my story through every note I sing, every bar I rap and every song I write.

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