I am

Marx Solvila.

I am Marx SolVila born from hardships, lost hopes, and new hopes. I was raised by my mother, in the 53206 -zip code where nearly every male has undoubtedly been incarcerated (watch the “Milwaukee 53206” documentary). My mother and father never married. By my parents never being together and me hardly seeing my father on a daily basis, it put a void in our relationship for years. We have since reconciled, and it is as though his absence during my childhood never happened. Although my family is close-knit, we are separated emotionally by the past hurts from relationships and hard times, and primarily due to my male family members’ extravagant lifestyle of women, drugs, and gambling. In my family, no man from my grandfather down to my father got to live out their dreams. Thus, I feel it is my job never to lose sight of hope or faith in what God has given me and called me to do. I feel that I have to execute the plan God has for my life – – it is also pertinent to me that I break generational curses in my life, by living out my dreams, which is singing. I learned to sing by singing in the church choir of Jordan Missionary Baptist Church and listening to my Grandfather sing around the house. My Grandfather was a member of a famous quartet group, in Milwaukee, named The Voices of Zion and influenced my singing. The different nuances of music were taught to me by my high school music teacher, Mr. Raymond Roberts, whom I believe is responsible for adding more flavor to my singing. I received the true definition of soul music during my adventures in Tennessee.

In my music, I feel it is my purpose to depict the pain in love, yet show how love can concur all hurt. Lastly, I believe it is my purpose to show the world, through my music, that the classic man still roams the earth and is a force to be reckoned with. I’ve had three instances in my life where I could have died but was spared to do something greater with my life. All those near-death situations happened in times where I became complacent in life.

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