I am

Wavie D.

My name is Daniel Washington aka WavieBoi D. I am more than just the youngest of ten children with musical gifts and talents. I am a father, music producer, songwriter, music engineer, drummer, pianist, and artist. I am the best Hip-Hop/Trap artist coming out of the Northside of Milwaukee, WI, but it was not always this way. I have been on a journey ever since I was a youngster. I started entertaining when I was two years old in God’s Mighty Warriors Drill Team Alpha and Omega, Inc., a family and community Christian drill team. It was during this time that I mastered my superstar stage presence. When I was seven years old, I was run over by a Milwaukee County Transit System city bus. Ever since then, I have been more tenacious than ever and an even greater free spirit. Within my well diverse family, it was only fitting that as the youngest child, I be well-equipped to captivate audiences with a high-powered sound and compelling stories from my life’s journey.

I recently completed my freshman album entitled “10th Seed” and am currently working on a new album, as I continue to crank out grade “A” classics. Allow my music to sway you and take you to new heights.

Stay tuned.

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