I am Branden “WavieBoi” Washington a drummer, organist, pianist, and music producer. I was born (July 16th, 1986) and raised in Milwaukee, WI as the 4th eldest of ten children to the loving and supportive parents, Bennette and Theresa Washington. At six months, I died and was without oxygen for 15 minutes. When my life was finally revived, the doctors told my parents that I would never talk, walk, and would have to eat out of a feeding tube for the rest of my life. Because of my praying parents and a merciful God, he defied the doctor’s prognosis, and now I have full control of my body.

At an early age, I was drawn to music (drumming) and other art forms. My mother, having been a drummer herself, taught me the basics on the drum set when I was two years old. Within a few years, I found myself playing in church and school bands, as well as, parades. From 7 – 13 years old. But then a curveball came my way at the age of 15; I found out that I was a father, yes a father. I knew then my life would change forever, being a teenage dad. I had to grow up immediately and found a way to take care of my son. Even though I was in the church, a PK kid playing the drums, I needed some money. So I started playing the organ because I knew they were the only musicians getting paid at the time. But that wasn’t enough, so I turned to the streets with the Bloods and Stones. But in the back of my mind, I knew that music was the outlet for my son and me. My father encouraged and supported my music interests and pursuits by purchasing drums, piano, and production equipment so that I could be the best in my craft. My Dad always encouraged me to be led by God and to use my God-given gifts to be a blessing to the world. God has always inspired my music. My other music inspirations come from Under Dogs and Ryan Leslie. Although I had an early interest in music production, it was my close friend, De’Von Dent who really introduced me to the door of music production. Since then, I’ve had the privilege of working with FoxCity Records, music artists and actors, Jacob Latimore and Wyclef Jean, and music group, Hamilton Park. As I the musician continues to be inspired by my family (Wife, Makayla Washington, my three sons, my siblings, parents, nephews, and nieces), Ryan Leslie, and 9th Wonder. I am destined to be the music industry’s most valuable asset, not only digitally produces music that transforms your soul, but a gifted player also.