1810, 2017
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Wyclef Jean Gives Drexel Students Advice — and a Chance to Freestyle

Drexel University sophomore Ricky Martin called his mother on his way to One Drexel Plaza to tell her Wyclef Jean, a musician they both admire, was about to speak to a small group of Drexel […]

1710, 2017
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Wyclef Jean lectures, performs at Bell Tower

What would normally be a typical day in Timothy Welbeck’s Hip Hop and Black Culture class turned into a public event when a famous hip-hop artist stopped in for the 50-minute class.

Wyclef Jean, who is […]

210, 2017
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Wyclef Jean Enjoys ‘Global Gumbo’ in ‘Carnival III’ Release

DOVER, Del. — Wyclef Jean had a song named in his honor and worked with producers on his new album who were just kids when he released his debut solo album, “The Carnival.”

At 47, tributes […]

2709, 2017
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Wyclef Jean Freestyles His Thoughts And Being Immortalized In Music

Cross-generations and cross-cultures, Wyclef Jean reflects on how music has changed in the newest Between The Notes segment.

The video kicks off talking about Young Thug naming a record “Wyclef,” and how music’s evolving nature really makes you think about the influence […]

2709, 2017
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Going to Jupiter With Wyclef

Grammy award-winning rapper and producer Wyclef Jean joins Slate’s virtual reality talk show Conundrums to discuss his new album Carnival III.

He and host Lindsey Weber took trips to Haiti and Jupiter, and talked about the rapper’s influences throughout his […]

2709, 2017
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Wyclef Jean Answers the 3 Most-Googled Questions About Himself

Have a few burning questions about Wyclef Jean?

You’re not the only one!

To celebrate the release of his latest album, “Carnival III” (an album 10 years in the making!), Wyclef dropped by the studio and answered a few […]