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Murder Mountain 2:59

Rosé Riley & Yung Tash

Stop The Hatred 4:23

MC Jin & Wyclef Jean

Bad Dreams 2:19


Amistad 3:07


Maya 1:32

Price ft. KOTA The Friend

Mufasa 1:43


Enamorados 3:20

Jeremy Torres

8:46 3:53

Hannah Eggen

Stay Away 2:19

Ida Tolou

Justice 2:44

Wyclef Jean

My Lover 3:10

Ida Tolou

Waste of Time 4:06

Jazzy Amra

The World Is Yours 2:42

Riley ft. V$ Asad

BABA 3:23

Wyclef ft. Kofi Black

Demons Enjoy 3:46

Wyclef Jean ft. Moira Mack & Jeremy Torres

You Got Me (Remix) 4:21

Jazzy Amra ft. Wyclef Jean & Riley

Sak Kap Fet 5:58

Wyclef Jean ft. Kofi Black & Moira Mack

Trapicabana Remix 3:47

Wyclef Jean ft. Riley, N.O.R.E. & Ñejo “Trapicabana” remix directed by Jose Javy Ferrer

Fela Kuti 3:49

Wyclef Jean “Fela Kuti” directed by Jose Javy Ferrer

Turn Me Good 3:37

Wyclef Jean “Turn Me Good” directed by Jose Javy Ferrer

Borrowed Time 3:34

Wyclef Jean “Borrowed Time” directed by Jose Javy Ferrer

What Happened To Love 4:29

Wyclef Jean

Lady Haiti 4:27

Wyclef Jean

The Ring 3:29

Wyclef Jean

Hendrix Spanglish Remix 4:22

Wyclef Jean ft. Farina, Bryant Meyers & Anonimus “Hendrix” remix directed by Jose Javy Ferrer.

I Swear 5:26

Wyclef Jean ft. Young Thug “I Swear” directed by Kid Art.

If I Was President 5:09

Wyclef Jean

Hendrix 5:09

Wyclef Jean “Hendrix” directed by Kid Art.

My Girl 4:29

Wyclef Jean ft. Sasha Mari directed by Eif Rivera.