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Madeline Nelson

Founder and CEO, Heads Music

Current Board Positions

A2IM – Board of Directors

Bquate – Partner / Executive Advisory Board

A2IM: Black Independent Music Accelerator – Advisory Counsel

Triller – Advisory Board Member



Madeline is a seasoned music executive with years of experience, ranging from her work as manager of R&B supergroup Blackstreet to her A&R work with Michael Jackson, Marketing work for J. Cole and current management of Wyclef Jean.

After holding the role of Senior Vice President of A&R / Artist Relations across all 3 of the Major labels at Sony Music, where she served as a direct report to CEO Doug Morris, Madeline shifted back to artist management and also founded an indie label staffed entirely by Women. The experience at such a high level at Sony Music gave her a keen understanding of what products should go to market and best practices for organic entry of those products. It also fueled her determination to work towards equality for Women in the music industry.

Madeline’s business is an independent, boutique-style music company based in New York City, that focuses on services within management, brand strategy, record label, and publishing.

Madeline firmly believes in exploring new technology as a strong way forward for the music business and embraces digital streaming services as an opportunity for artists to take more control of their careers and be paid more fairly.

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We have the freedom to work with whomever we like.

True Independent Spirit

Heads Music is an independent, boutique-style music company based in New York, New York, founded and staffed by women. Our services are focused within management, record label, and publishing, in addition to tour production and brand strategy. One of our main clients is global artist and producer Wyclef Jean, who we represent on both the label and management sides as well as jointly owning masters. Within management, we represent rising bilingual R&B singer Jazzy Amra and upcoming New York City rapper Riley, both having put out singles “You Got Me” and “Retail Therapy” during the Summer of 2018.

At Heads Music, we don’t believe in sacrificing our artist’s vision in favor of chasing chart success. When an artist signs with us, it is because we are a big fan of their music. There is no such thing as overnight success, even if an artist is a YouTube sensation, Instagram phenom, or a Twitter superstar. We believe genuine artist development is essential, which we thoroughly work with our artists to achieve. That means we’ll be working extra hard for their success because we believe in their vision. We know that if we do our jobs well the chart success will come.