I am

Ida Tolou.

Growing up in a small town of 70,000 people in Northern Norway, Ida Tolou’s musical journey began. From the first moment she sang on stage, the 7-year old Ida knew she wanted to create music. She then went on to sing in her local church, where she immersed herself in the world of performance, connecting with her community through her soulful voice. Joining her older brother’s progressive metal band as a child, Ida’s raw talent quickly became apparent, where she not only had a strong voice, but strong writing skills and could quite easily create an entire song from scratch.

Being in a band allowed Ida to grow her talent as a musician, and as a solo artist she found her footing musically by fusing different genres like jazz, classical and church with contemporary sounds. Wanting to hone every facet of her talent, Ida engaged with every aspect of production and creation she could find. From studying her inspirations across genres, such as Whitney Houston, Nina Simone, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Destiny’s Child, to studying the songwriting of some of today’s most talented  writers and producers such as Pharrell Williams, Frank Ocean, Stormzy, Rihanna and Sia, Ida turned herself into a student of music. Without the tools to work in a professional studio in her small Norweigan town, a determined Ida taught herself how to record, engineer, and produce her music, becoming active in every step of her production. 

With the release of her debut single and music video for “Stay Away”, Ida is ready to share her passion with the world, making a name for herself as a singer and songwriter.

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